Role-Swaps and RAS

Hello to you dudes!

I figured it would be good to check in at least once every week or two while we still have access to the internet. Particularly because it might be informative for those who are curious about this part of the process of joining the Peace Corps, and also perhaps this blog will serve as a valuable resource to help us with all our arrangements before we go. If you don’t want to read all this rambling, but would like to know how you can help us prepare for our Peace Corps service, skip down to the part in bold italics below.

So updates!  After accepting our invitation to serve in Vanuatu for two years, Peter and I each submitted our updated resume and an aspiration statement. Peter sent his to the health placement office as he was assigned a community health facilitator position, and I sent mine to the education placement office, having been assigned as an English Teacher/Tutor. For those who know us well, while we both technically qualified for both assignments, this was a little backwards. Peter is a phenomenal teacher and wants to pursue a teaching career, and I have years of experience and concern for community health. I sent a message something to this affect to our placement officer, who wrote back a week later saying that he’ll switch us, no problem. While it would have been an adventure to help each other along in our original respective assignments, our post-swap assignments are much more within our comfort zone…. If you can define anything so enveloped in the unknown as within someone’s comfort zone, that is.

So now we get to hurry up and wait again, for the most part. I am definitely continuing to experience what I have seen described in other blogs as Restless Applicant Syndrome. My RAS is better now that I know what I’m doing than when I was ever-waiting to hear back though. There is an online security training as well as some resources for learning the language we’ll be speaking, Bislama, that give us something to do while we wait. We’re both trying to work and make as much money as we can while we wait so that we can afford this upcoming road trip and, hopefully maybe, even do some traveling during breaks in our service (though not likely all the way back to the States, unfortunately, as that’s a giant chunk of change).

I’m looking forward to seeing my brother get married up in Washington in a couple weeks! I’m so excited to see my family and celebrate my brother and future sister-in-law.

After that exciting event, we will begin packing up our things, getting rid of some stuff, and looking for affordable (preferably free) ways/places to store our stuff for the two years we are overseas. If you have some extra space in your basement or attic that would fit a few boxes and/or furniture, let us know! I am perfectly content with the idea of storing pockets of things anywhere we can to minimize what we have to pay to store. Some things may even be candidates for friends or family to use for the two years we are gone, such as this lovely dining table I’m sitting at that seats 6, or our phenomenally cozy couch.

Also, mid-July sometime I will post an outline of our road trip. If you are on or near our path, we want to see you!

So that’s the latest.

Much love to you all! And everyone send your congrats to my brother, even if you don’t know him.



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