Ah, the American Blessing/Curse (Blurse?) of Plentitude

For the record, I am evidently not the only one who has come up with the word ‘blurse’. Darn.

Fuzzy tree in front of Portland Central Library. This tree does not have enough branches for all its leaves, so it just grows them EVERYwhere!

Peter and I were talking about how my posts need more pictures to be more interesting and pleasing to look at. The problem is that the things I see everyday are currently still the same as those I’ve been seeing for years, so I forget to stop and breathe them all in. The proximity of our departure, however, has been a reminder to stop and appreciate the beauty I see around me every single day~ no matter how much it makes me sneeze. That said, this post will be littered with photos I have taken on everyday ventures around Portland the last few days. They are completely unrelated to what I write below, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.

I will miss all the moss that glows in the morning sunlight…. though where we’re going might have plenty of its own.

So… stuff. We (Peter) have (has) a lot of stuff. During our time in Vanuatu, we will not have a permanent address here in the states where we can keep all this stuff. The vast majority of my belongings have been stored at my dad’s house in Utah (thank you, Pappi!) where, assuming he’s ok with it (I really should ask….), I intend to leave it until our return. Everything that is currently filling our apartment, however, needs a home; these homes may be new and/or permanent, or for storage until we can return and reclaim them. We are still working out which items we really want to be able to come home to, but we’ll sort it all in the next few weeks.

Vibrant snail. 🙂

In the meantime, WE NEED YOUR HELP. Whether you have space where we could potentially store a thing or two for a little money or favors, if you know of a really inexpensive but safe resource for storing things, or if you have been to our apartment and dreamed of owning something we have, p-p-p-please let us know! ~Or I might devewop a studda! This apartment must be empty by August 15th. We will need to get most things moved to their new homes by then, and can take some things with us to distribute along the way, if necessary/convenient, on our road trip.

In other news, I have been reading some (fairly elementary) material about community health, particularly in ‘developing’ countries. I am so completely and simultaneously excited and intimidated by this assignment, I can hardly think straight. Though I have done years of community service work for organizations that work with communities affected by HIV/AIDS, I know so little about this topic. At the same time, however, the subject really lights a fire under my butt to learn more. The difference between (I’ll call it) individual health and community health as I perceive it: the focus is taken off the individual body as a machine that breaks down or a container that is hurt by things that go into it, and shifted to how a community thrives by studying and emphasizing how everyone and everything in a given community interacts with the people and environment they’re surrounded by, and seeks to maximize the symbiotic relations between all of the above. It’s huge, complicate, and difficult to understand, but seems to me to be one of the most important kinds of inquiry we, as a species, can do right now~ for the benefit of everyone AND the world we live on.  Yup. Exciting stuff. 🙂


One thought on “Ah, the American Blessing/Curse (Blurse?) of Plentitude”

  1. What great photos! I love that you are so energized by what you are learning. I think the people of Vanuatu and going to love your energy and commitment. They are soooo lucky you guys are on your way! And you are so lucky to join them there. Loves!

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