We would drive 3,000 miles, and we would drive 3,000 more….

…to see as many of the amazing people we know and are related to as possible before leaving our country for more than two years!

Beautiful Seabeck, WA

So YES, I finally have a fairly rigid itinerary for our road trip. Please take note of the dates we will be in your area, and let us know if/how it works for you. If we need to make some slight adjustments to maximize quality time with your awesomeness, we have some flexibility to do so. If several changes are made, I will post an updated itinerary just before we leave (August 15th).

Logan and his favorite ribbon.

Before I get to that though, we have encountered an unfortunate roadblock in our pre-departure preparations: What we thought would be the ideal home for our cat, Logan, has fallen through. He is a very sweet, large tabby with a lot of personality. He is very loving, does not destroy furniture, does great with other animals, has always been indoors and is very talkative. Despite my impatience with his loquaciousness (I’m used to being the chatterbox of the house!), he really is a great cat who deserves a loving and permanent home. If you or someone you know might find him a welcomed addition to the home, please let us know asap.

Ok, so our itinerary:

Depart August 15th~

Northern UT (Ogden and SLC)- August 17-20

Central UT (Manti and Gunnison)- August 22-23

drive through Grand Junction and Denver, CO, North Platte and Lincoln, Nebraska, then on to Bettendorf, IA

Bettendorf, IA- August 28- September 1 (we’ll take a day in the middle of these dates to drive to Chicago, then back to Bettendorf)

drive through Kansas City, Topeka, down to Oklahoma City, then over to Amarillo, TX

Amarillo, TX- about September 5th

drive through Albuquerque, NM, Flagstaff, AZ, then to the southern side of Grand Canyon, where we’ll spend a couple days site-seeing and driving to the northern rim, then into to Southern Utah

St. George area- September 10

drive through Las Vegas, down to Southern California

Arcadia and Los Angeles, CA- September 18-19

drive north…

Sacramento and Chico and area- September 16-19

then from there, either back to Portland or Ogden, UT (yet to be decided).

Wish me luck, this is who I’m hitting the road with!

As can be seen upon close analysis, we’ve built in plenty of wiggle room for site-seeing and stopping to see friends along the way. We are trying to minimize costs as much as possible, and will be seeking out couches/floors to sleep on whenever possible. We’ll also be doing a lot of camping, indulging in the occasional hotel room for a shower and when no other option is available. Please let us know if you wouldn’t mind having us around for a night or two!

And lastly before I close this post, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEWLYWEDS, TRISTON AND KAREN HYATT! Their wedding, and Washington in general, was GORGEOUS!Image


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