Northern Utah visit: Accomplished and majorly exceeded expectations!

Ok, so this is my first post from my phone—so it’ll be limited. I’ll try to add more later. We’re currently listening to an Ellen Degeneres audio book on our way out of Salt Lake.

While we were in Ogden, we saw my dad, Janelle, Haden, Devon, Andrea, Triston, Pauline, Riley, Jon, and my ancient cat, Arty. (RIP Phoebe~ you were missed.) We recovered from a late Portland departure that resulted in sever sleep deprivation; we went on a beautiful hike up over the waterfall at the base of the Ogden canyon with my dad; we went thrift shopping with my little brother; we ate some amazing grilled salmon (my dad has talent) and had amazing homemade teriyaki stir-fry (Haden has picked up his parents’ talents).
I wasn’t sure if I wanted to mention it, because it was an event each of us felt guilty about in our own way, but it was an event that was part of our visit and the beginning of our adventure. Thursday night Janelle had an unfortunate accident that resulted in a broken shoulder. We’ll be thinking of her and hoping for a quick recovery as we proceed on our adventure. I’m grateful it wasn’t worse and that she was still able to be a wonderful part of our visit. Send good thoughts.

In Salt Lake we met so many amazing friends for drinks and food at Devil’s Daughter: Ami and Mike, Sherrie and Mike, Britt and Evan, Nicolle, my Mama, Triston and Karen, An-D and Kelly(?)…and I know, just because I want to list everyone, I’m going to forget someone….I pre-apologize. :/
Mom helped us with hotel reservations, some good relaxation, and some sun-soaking by the pool. Then we went and enjoyed drinks and great conversation with Michael and Megan (aka M&M). Then we retired to our hotel room for our last night in Salt Lake. The room was a gift from Britti, and I just feel the need to share: wow. Thank you, Britt! The pictured I’m attaching will have to suffice for an explanation of how wonderful our hotel stay was. More later. Maybe.

Alright, that’s all I can manage for a mobile post.

Here we come, Colorado!


3 thoughts on “Northern Utah visit: Accomplished and majorly exceeded expectations!”

    1. HEY- We are going to be living in MUD- with no electricity, running water, or down covered beds! I can live it up a bit (Thnx to Brittani!!), if i so choose! So, PPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTT.

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