This blog should be temporarily renamed: 2 bums cross America

I’ve developed an efficient, fun (for me), bullet-point sort of way to track our travels. Enjoy the mystery behind the hints at the progression of our travels (I’ll start from the beginning, and add new posts as we continue on our trip):

Utah- Part I (Northern)
DRIVING: •Left Portland 11:57pm Aug 15, drove thru night, arrive in Ogden ~1:30pm next day. 1/2 and 1/2 driving
OGDEN: •Visit with bed-ridden Janelle •Nap •Janelle fall down stairs, break ball in shoulder off •Ambulance •Dr. Who •Bed •Thrift shopping with Haden •Visit hospital •Dad change brakes •Hike Ogden Canyon •Dad grill salmon •Hunger Games with Haden •Bed •Breakfast at Pauline’s •Visit hospital •Drive south
SLC: •Arrive at mom’s 1pm Aug 18 •Peter nap •Mom and I reserve hotels, Chicago and Little Rock. Discover there is nothing worth what’s charged for it in Nebraska •Devil’s Daughter with friends •Bed at mom’s •Breakfast then pool with mom •Relax •Meet Britti to get hotel key •Hotel: rose petals, Andes mints, OJ and Frapps, fruit, sleep masks, candles, muffins, delicious smell, mormon music station ❤ •Brewvies with M&M: limitations of truth/knowledge, metaphysics, Star Trek (Spock- rawr), and human/monkey, species/race distinctions •Bed in rose-covered hotel room •Drive East
DRIVING: •NW Utah surprisingly cool •Pics of Strawberry Res •Enter Colorado •Stopped to find dino fossils 20+ miles after we passed them •Pics of Dino Monument area •Gas in Craig, avoiding "Kum&Go" stations •North to Ralph White Lake for camping, where there is no lake, and we camp in a dirt pull-off from highway. Rather ghetto, but waving at locals seems to prevent their stopping and kicking us out •Baa-a-a-a-a-aaaa

RALPH WHITE LAKE, North of Craig, CO: •sleeping “under the stars on the dirt on the side of the road” turned into “crap, rain! Tear out the tent,” then “great, we’re in the tent and the rain stopped,” following by a ceaseless and relentless thunder storm that would have been wonderful under almost any other circumstances. I could almost hear the local farmers who had waived at us laughing. •Morning, Aug 21, need coffee: GPS suggests “Ma&Pa Coffee” which turns out to be a privately owned field off a long dirt road, about 6 miles out of our way (12 miles round trip) •While laughing ourselves to tears, almost hit a hawk
DRIVING: •Continue HWY 40 to Denver •BEAUTIFUL •Lots of pics •Climbing altitude, very slowly
DENVER: •2 stinky hippies wander downtown •Lunch •Nice Indian man sells us dress, then offers his travel-guide services
DRVING: •HWY 76 to Brush, CO •Suddenly Colorado is flat
BRUSH: •Campground attached to city park •Neat grasshopper, pictured wherever my wordpress app decides to put it in the blog •Bed- wonderfully restful sleep 🙂
CO NUTSHELL: We’re in love with Colorado. Specifically Dinosaur to Denver…but Brush was pretty neat, too. Flat, but neat. Good, nice people make all the difference. And a really cool, easy to find coffee shop.

As I thumb-type this, we are driving through Nebraska, listening to a Terry Pratchett audio book. I don’t think I’ll have much to say about Nebraska. We’re trying to get out of here as fast as possible. Best part of Nebraska so far: long flat straight-aways with high speed-limits, allowing for it to fly by relatively fast.

To be continued….


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