Got corn? Nebraska and Iowa

DRIVING: •Don’t stop driving if we don’t have to •Look, we can see the entire state from the freeway! •Every state so far has a lot of corn, Nebraska IS corn •Half of Nebraska’s corn is dead •Oooh high speed limits! •Yay we’re out of Nebraska…

DRIVING: •Instantly more hilly over border •Greener
CAMPING: •Abnita Lake •Absolutely beautiful and green •Privacy! •Showers! •Smores!!! •Gnats, gnats, and more gnats •Fake candles as light in tent •Bed: we’re on much more of a slope than I originally thought…. •4 mile walk around lake •Avoid daddy long leg traffic •Breakfast •First showers in days •Drive East
DRIVING: •Wind turbines everywhere! Why wasn’t windy Nebraska covered in these? •I’m surprisingly impressed with Iowa •Farmer’s sign: “Smile! Your parents chose life!” And Iowa instantly loses tenfold of the points I had given it thus far •Arrive at cousin Jamie’s old house that is several miles from their new house
BETTENDORF, IA (Stineman’s CURRENT home): •Meet 6 month old James •Fall in love with one of the coolest babies I’ve ever met–instantly earning many points back for Iowa •No, still don’t want my own yet •Awesome Italian place for dinner •Talk late •Bed: sleep like the dead until long after the sun is up •Lunch at veg-friendly Indigo Cafe •Everyone seems to eat meat religiously, but surprisingly many veg-friendly options–more points re-earned •Dave and Jamie make incredible telapia(sp?) On the grill (drool) •Wine and talk late •Bed •Smoothies and giant farmer’s market (more points) •Swimming at amazing lake (more points) •More amazing food (potato salad, coleslaw, and caprese salad–all made from scratch–and portabello burgers), wine, and late night conversation •Bed •Yummy banana pancakes •Goodbyes •Nowhere carries touristy Iowa memorabilia •Drive 2 feet East and we’re in Illinois….. •I’m a horrible partner who completely forgot the camera and failed to get pictures of Peter with his family…I only got this pic of Uncle Peter and Nephew James’ Converse brand loyalty •On to Chicago, striving to avoid the onslaught of toll roads (so far so good)

To be continued……


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