Our brush with the south

Crab and shrimp etoufee(sp?)

Crab and shrimp etoufee(sp?)

Blackened catfish sandwich and voodoo potatoes at the King's Palace Cafe in Memphis

Blackened catfish sandwich and voodoo potatoes at the King’s Palace Cafe in Memphis

Gibson factory

Gibson factory

BEALE STREET: •is AMAZING–a capsule of timeless American culture •Great food- yes, even as someone who doesn’t eat chicken, beef or pork •Plenty of fun gift shops •Getting hot
OLD TOWN: •Walk clear across town- we’re so excited to see the Civil Rights Museum, the heat is totally worth it •Bittersweetness of seeing the Lorraine Motel in person •Two replica cars out front •Time to head into the museum part, doors are locked: “Closed Tuesdays” •It’s flippin’ Tuesday the one day we have to see it •Grumble @*+#$¤% grumble •It’s still @*+#$¤% hot–good attitude dissipated •Found Arcade Cafe- the oldest cafe in Memphis–moods lifted with coconut smoothie and chocolate shake •Walking back to the car, Old Town is a ghost town, more or less. What I’d think of as “Memphis Culture” is evidently restricted to Beale St •Back into the air conditioned car and on to our hotel reservation in Little Rock
Little Rock
•Drive straight through and past town to our hotel •Hide in our room for some apparently much needed R&R •Bed- tomorrow we head into the vastness of Texas •Morning: breakfast while we wait for oil change
DRIVING: •East Texas is GREEN and pretty! •What’s that ginormous lake? Oh, it’s a reservoir with a name too long and strange to remember–very pretty
ABILENE: •Yay for seeing family I haven’t seen in years!!! ❤ (Rachel, Larry, Sabrina, John, and Nu-nu) •Catching up, munching, playing with Nu-nu while waiting for Larry to get off work •Hi Larry! Let's get some sleep…. •Bed •Blueberry pancakes, fruit, eggs, FEAST! •Peter nerds it up with John (Lord of the Rings Risk) •Card games for the rest of us •Yummalicious Mexican food •Voyager for all of us •Continued food coma, good conversation, snacking… And Peter and John continue to nerd it up •Bed •Breakfast •Goodbyes •On the road again…..
DRIVING: •West Texas is not pretty–it's just what I imagine all of Texas would be like

New Mexico
DRIVING: •More of the same •Oh look! A hill on the horizon! •Eventually drive up into those hills •Free Camping at Baca Campground (of all the camping we’ve done so far, we’ve only paid to stay at one campground–all the rest was free)
CAMPING: •For as remote as this is, and miles into a dirt road, there are a lot of campers here •Candle-lit mac’n’cheese dinner in our tent (battery candles, courtesy of Britti :]) •Bed
DRIVING: •On toward Arizona! •Most of New Mexico is flat, boring desert, with random cool lava and/or red interesting terrain

All that and the Paint Your Wagon soundtrack brings us back up to date! Wish us luck, 30% chance rain where we’re headed tonight. Then on to the grand canyon!


P.S. Have I mentioned that I’m not bothering attempting to edit these on my phone before publishing? I apologize for any horrible typos resulting in any incoherence….


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