Tour of red rocks and more! Part I

I have so many amazing pictures from the past week—and these are just the ones on my phone! Since I’ve gotten a bit behind, this post will be a bit abridged. Then I’ll throw together Part II: the Grand Canyon!

Before I get started though, we have one little update: our travel arrangements are all made! We fly to Peace Corps staging in LA October 4th, then board another plane at 10:30pm October 5 to fly to Vanuatu! It’ll be quite the travel crunch, but who cares! It’s happening! 😀

Ok, moving on….

New Mexico
•Did I talk about our night in New Mexico? Baca Campground up in the hills? Whatever, not that interesting. •Detour to Zuni Indian Reservation- jewelry made from imported shells; still inhabited pueblo, amazing backdrop

•Wander through Painted Desert and Petrified Forest (see pictures! Super neat!) •Stay in free campground outside Petrified Forest Gift Shop •Little bunnies everywhere! •Sooooo windy •Next stop: Grand Canyon!

On our way to Zuni Reservation


View from Zuni Reservation


Heading out of the reservation


Agate Bridge at Petrified Forest Nat’l Park. The whole thing is a petrified tree trunk, over 100 feet long.


Being fascinated by geology


Standing on a super neat rock near Agate Bridge. Yeah, we’re cool.


This picture doesn’t come close to capturing how neat the sun rays hitting those rocks was….


Petrified Forest: all those little spots are petrified tree stumps and other bits of petrified wood


Where we camped that night


Arizona and Southern Utah (this is from the Petrified Forest Gift Shop Campground) have the most beautiful sunsets we’ve encountered on our little trip



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