Time has better running shoes than we do…

Yeah, cheesy title I know.
I have been wanting to write a blog post for a while. This post would be very verbose as it would be my attempt to communicate the gratitude and love I experienced on our road trip. Unfortunately, our time is extremely short. It’ll have to suffice to say that, no matter how much I tried anyway, I can’t put to sufficient words how blown away I was by the support, hospitality, and love we were given at each step along the way on our road trip. We have so many great people in our lives–all across the country–it really blows me away. How did we get so lucky?
It can’t come close to feeling adequate, but

Thank you.

Also, many have been asking how they can contact us after we depart. If you click the following, I think your computer will download a PDF from the Peace Corps explaining everything you could want to know (and then some) about contacting Peter and/or myself over the next three months (anything beyond that, and I’ll keep you posted): LetterFamilies_VU_2012.09.21
That’s all the time I have for now. Until next time….cheers!


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