We made it!

We made it to Vanuatu~ It’s so beautiful here! Listening to the birds is like listening to the “tropical birds” setting on a relaxing sound machine. The water is amazing~ cool and calming. The weather feels great….about 2am.

I just got 3 shots today, and get two more tomorrow. I also bought a bush knife today. This was a scary idea to me, but that’s because I come from a place where the only use is to hurt people, and the only time I heard about them was in reference to people getting hurt. Here, however, they are very practical. 2 year olds carry them around. A current volunteer told us not to feel bad asking a small child to use one to open a coconut or something because they are gauranteed to be better with the blade than I am.

We go to our training sites this Sunday, much further from Port Vila than we are now- which is where I am using the internet. I have no idea when I’ll have access to all this again.


We haven’t taken a single picture yet. We’ll get there. We may even get to a point where we can post them.

We love you all, and look forward to start hearing from you!


4 thoughts on “We made it!”

  1. Good to hear from you! Cannot imagine you carrying a bush knife that’s probably bigger than you are. Logan has a new habit of coming o the bed and head butting me when he wants to wake me up. I think Noir put him up to it. They are quite the duo now, rolling around at night and hanging out together. Could be trouble if Noir teaches him all his secrets. Sort of like the older brother setting up the young one so he won’t get into trouble.
    Best of luck and hope you have no reactions to the shots. Enjoy the humidity! Looking forward to hearing from you again one of these days. Roxanne

  2. Thanks for the update, Roxanne! Ah, Logan. He would make a good apprentice to a mischevious older guy. So far, so good as far as the shots go. I get two more today. The scary thing is not the shots we have to get, but the malaria suppressants we have to be on. Oi.

    Until next time, give everyone hugs for us!

    1. YAY! Letters are so awesome! You should see all of us Peace Corps trainees when they come with mail from town…. we’re like a crowd up puppies looking at someone holding a bag of jerky. I hope you guys are well!

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