Town time is finally coming to an end!

So, I posted how this week began in a blog entry on the Letters from Vanuatu side, here. If you’d like to read it but it won’t let you, send me your email address in the next day or so, and I’ll be happy to open it up for you. (You can still send me your email address if you’re reading this after March 8th, I just won’t be able to add you until next time I have internet access.)

The middle of my last week (for this trip, anyway) in Port Vila has been…difficult. As most of you know, Peter is currently at site on his own, and we have been separated for longer than we’ve been separated since we started dating. A few days ago, our pup Asita inexplicably stopped eating. She passed away last night after days of Peter pouring attention over her, trying to get her to at least drink some water. Needless to say, there’s just no way to get her to a vet or anything like that here. I think it was either parvo or ciguatera, but we’ll never really know.

TOO. HOT. to make it all the way inside the house!
TOO. HOT. to make it all the way inside the house!

We knew when we took her that a dog’s life in Vanuatu is difficult and often short. This rational doesn’t seem to make it any easier to lose her. Though it feels terrible to be stuck here, unable to do anything or even see her or be there for Peter, I’m glad at least he was there to keep her as comfortable as possible. She would have been 5 months old on the 18th. Rest in peace, ‘Sita.

Aaaah, finally made it in to the cool concrete. :)
Aaaah, finally made it in to the cool concrete. 🙂

Most people in this culture would laugh or be confused at me making such a big deal out of the death of a dog, but anyone who knows me know that dogs are like family to me. Asita being the 2nd canine friend I’ve lost since I got here—both with me stuck too far away to do anything—has been incredibly challenging.

But the good news is that this mind-scrambling week is ending with me going back to site, back to Peter this Saturday. I’m anxious to see him, anxious to no longer be the only one making sure I eat regularly (let’s face it, with as well as Peter looks after me, I’m not very good at that anymore), and totally stoked to finally be able to get to work.

Oh, and this part of the aforementioned blog post is too important to leave out of this one:

“One of the most valuable things we have is such a strong support system. Without your letters and packages and positive thoughts, we couldn’t possibly get through this on our own. As it is, even on the days where I am convinced I’m completely incapable, I get up and keep trying because I know there are people out there who believe in me, and I’d hate to prove them wrong.

Thank you for that.”

Wish us luck!


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