Bak Bakegen…Bakegen.

With less than 6 months of service to go, both Peter and I are feeling the pressure of trying to wrap up our involvement in things, not take a single minute for granted, and preparing for starting life in the States again.  For this town visit, I should be here two full weeks. I’ll try to make up for lost time with interesting posts and updates. I’m a bit pooped for anything too in-depth now though, so I’ll simply throw a bunch of pictures at you for now, then get serious later. Enjoy. 🙂

Remember when I posted the story about the wordsearch craze? Well this is what our village looked like at that time:Image

Then there’s that time the French Navy came to film the donation of rain tanks to villages surrounding ours (ours was the port, but not the recipient. I may have giggled like the child that I am at their tiny shorts.Image

An example of the exciting hand made posters I make for classrooms.Image

STAMPEDE! That’s me standing there like a deer-in-headlights on the right… Image

This is the way we wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands! This is the way…Image

Too adorable to leave out: our sis being justifiably proud of her sculpture that masters the art of rubber balancing. Image

Papa Joe and his main man cleaning kava… you’re never too young.Image

Then I played sports for a while. I’m equally able to have fun as suck. Unfortunately, I’m also equally capable of injuring myself.Image

Just two of the 3 Stooges.             Image

The full 3 Stooges trio. I need to get video of these goofuses playing together uploaded (uploaded! click here!). I’ll figure out how to do that…someday.Image

Rennovation of the tippy-tap! This time the whole school got involved. Here are a bunch of kids carrying rocks/coral/sand in their shirts for the soak away (after they popped the tire on the school wheel barrow).Image

Testing, testing. Yes! Even the smallest student can use it! Success!


The team responsible (all class 6). [from left to right, Andrew, Netai, Shila, and Mini]Image

We stole the microscope from a dusty corner in the clinic, got it cleaned up, and BAM! The kids get to see an ant’s teeth for the first time. Now if only we can find a lens that can see bacteria or something… Image

And the latest, Peter helping me eye screen all the primary school kids.Image


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