Capsule Stories II

Who Needs a Pee Bucket? our house, Port Narvin 2013

Some volunteers, not being fans of going out into the weather and/or night for their toilet needs, reserve a ‘pee bucket’ for the purpose. I am proud to say, Peter and I never resorted to such an extreme.

But the day I accidentally locked Peter inside the house for half the day, he became extra grateful that we had a new kitten, and the litter box became the exception.

I got your back, human.

Learning to Swim, Port Nouma 2012

Playing in about 4’ of water, we tried to coax our 2 ½ month old puppy into the water for her first swim. She whined and cried, touching the water with her paws, then jumping away repeatedly. As I called and cooed her name, Peter snuck up behind me and pulled me under the water, making it look like I would drown. Instantly our little wriggly puppy dove into the water and swam to my rescue.


Giaman Kanu! Port Nouma 2012

Auntie Yam and I playing with logs in a river, trying to balance on them like they were real canoes. We played and laughed like we were 9 years old, at the ripe (and shared) age of 27. A great introduction to my new family and community.


Nicole, the Dancer and High-Fiver, family nakamal, Port Narvin 2014

What 20 month old doesn’t LOVE attention? Well, this one more than most. So when her mom tries to stop her from eating rice covered in hot chili sauce, she naturally needs to sneak an entire spoonful into her mouth. All looks fine at first. Then, just as Peter says, “There’s not much hot sauce, just enough to make it tangy probably,” we see her expression begin to change.

Her top lip transforms into a squished ‘M’ and her lower lip a “W”. Then out comes the tongue and her mouth slowly stretches wide open, becoming almost as large and round as her alarmed eyes. But does this girl cry? Oh no, she just pants and laughs with us (Mama Claudie, Peter and I, who are rolling on the floor) even as her mouth is stretched as wide as possible. And what does she do the moment we all recover? Where did that plate of rice go?!?!?!


“Bring shoes you can cross a river in.” Cooks Bay 2013

That time when Triston and Karen casually, but with difficulty, swam across the Cook’s Bay river, both in their shoes and Triston in a nice button-up shirt. They were ready for anything. Well, nearly anything. 😉



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