Major Tom to Ground Control: Re-Entry Imminent

Oh no! We have to plan for our lives to start again now! Ah! HEEELLLPPP!!!

But really only kinda. We know what we’re doing with our lives, it’s just not starting for 6-8 months, and we don’t know where that will be yet. We want to build lives of service, starting with Peter going to law school to study social justice, and me furthering my experience in refugee resettlement assistance. But to transition from our service overseas to putting down our routes for our domestic service, we are going to need all the help we can get. Until we move to where Peter is going to school, we’re trapped in the gap, whether we mind it or not.

So we need to plan for the interim—the majority of which we’re likely spending in Northern Utah. We need to plan how we’re going to do it: where we will live, what we will do to fill our time, how/what we pay for, etc. If you’re interested and/or able to help, here’s what we’re taking into consideration:

  • Volunteering at IRC in SLC
    • Intro to volunteering Jan 7
  • Won’t know where we’re moving until March/April
  • May not be moving until August-ish
  • Peter wants to take post-bacc/pre-law classes
  • Short term income would be nice
  • Don’t have/want to spend money (as little as possible) until we move
  • Graciously want to enjoy time with hospitable friends and family without outstaying our welcome or being obnoxious or burdensome guests.

So here’s what we need your help to answer:

  • Where can we stay, when, and for how long (and for how much)?
  • Is there an opportunity for short-term employment for either of us?
  • Where can Peter take classes?
  • If we are far from volunteering/work/school commitments, what about transportation? 

Any suggestions, offers, connections, tips, or anything that anyone can give us is welcome—and we are infinitely grateful to you! Thank you all in advance!


One thought on “Major Tom to Ground Control: Re-Entry Imminent”

  1. Bug,

    In response to your gap, We have room for you and Peter here as long as you need. Big empty house could use some occupants. Job market even for short time here in town are strong. Train hub is close that can get you to SLC with little cost.

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