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A Post-Return Capsule Story

That moment in the car, bass booming, me singing, that I suddenly stop. I just stop. Stop and realize that I have been taking the joy of my technology and the freedom of my music for granted for days now. I thought nothing of it. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the simple details that add flavor to our lives.

car jams

Then I remember that as I sit there feeling the vibrations of my sound system, my Vanuatu family and friends are preparing to be smashed into by two major cyclones. At least, I hope they’re making preparations. I have no way of knowing.

pam and nathan
The “large” Cyclone Nathan (left) and “Monster” Cyclone Pam (right) wreaking havoc in the Pacific.

This moment on the same day we finally received a couple of the packages we mailed to ourselves from Vanuatu more than 3 months ago.