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New Directions

I need your advice.

Time and time again, I have been told that I need to write more. Writing is a valuable skill and, for me, a great outlet. It seems that there also people out there who enjoy reading what I write. So, I would like to get in the habit of exercising and developing this skill, ideally by making regular blog posts–perhaps a new one each week? But I am no longer living on an exotic island that limits my focus to a conceivable number of topics. I’m back in the big bad world of connectivity and information.

So I need your help to figure out what to write about. Assuming the fact that you’re reading this quick note means you are one of those people interested in reading what I write, I ask you: What do you want to read about? What questions pop into your head when you glance at my blog that seem to be left unanswered? What else can I do for you?

Please, leave comments below or contact me otherwise. If I get enough of a response, I will start writing weekly blog posts to go with the requests. That’s not saying I won’t go in some random unexpected direction with a suggested topic, but that’s the fun of reading/writing, right?

And here’s a picture of me working on a new and fascinating piece:

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