Invitation to Reflective Sharing

When joining the Peace Corps, I hoped to do my part to lift up humanity, pile unique and diverse experience into my theoretical personal bio, and most likely endure groundbreaking self-revelations along the way. In one way I got it right, but in another, what the flug did I know? (‘flug’ ™ by Nompunvi) The following is a list accompanied by some anecdotes of what I really didn’t know I would learn and experience. My goal in sharing these reflections is to perhaps preserve some of these life lessons for myself, but also share them with anyone interested in the kind of personal growth that is endured during an adventure such as this one. After all, every one of us has so many inimitable life lessons, imagine how much we all learn by sharing them. After reading, please post any stories, words of wisdom, jokes, whatever in the comments. This is just a sampling from my Peace Corps experience, but it’s better than nothing. I have learned that: Untitled 2 3 And… 3 As time passes and I continue to reflect, these lists will likely come to look incredibly quaint. Nevertheless, never underestimate the importance of looking back on your life, seeing the good and the bad, and making the greatest effort to appreciate every moment of what you achieve, of what you learn, and everything else. All of our ambitions, accomplishments, and challenges are unique in so many ways. Take the time to remember it. And share it, so we can all learn from each other. That said, don’t forget to share a story or two in the comments! “There are some things that you can’t know Unless you’ve been there But oh how far we could go If we started to share” -Ani DiFranco


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